Friday, December 10, 2010

I did it.

That's right, all this leading up and preparation, which Lauren helped me immensely with, has paid off!

I ran the Las Vegas 1/2 Marathon Sunday, and feel pretty good about it. Even though this was my first 1/2 and my legs cramped up about mile 10, I felt good and was satisfied with my time. The support on the course was amazing. As we ran from one end of the Strip to the other and back we had Team Challenge Coaches, Staff and Volunteers at every mile cheering us on.

With about 1000 Team Challengers running in the race and well over 2000 supporting them, we had an amazing time, and a very inspirational weekend. If you don't know much about IBD, it really is a devastating disease, and to see so many people supporting it was awesome!

Thanks to everyone for your donation and support, and special thanks to those that wished me well, and encouraged me to the finish. You were all posted on my back for the race and I couldn't have done it without you!
Jack & Trish Yard  Bob & Barb Burant
Lauren Yard

Phillip & Ann Marie Batts  Walter Chapman
Rick & Jess Moore  J.L. & Carol Abbott
Greg Hail & Steve Sokany  Mike & Susie Prewitt
Mike & Jackie Slekovich  Bill & Linda Putka

Grandma Yard  R. Burant’s  Roach’s  Kirkpatrick’s  Reese’s
Arnold’s  J. Yard’s  J. Yard’s II  McClelland’s  Perkin’s
Frase’s  Cassen’s  Cesa’s  Kim Rotsky  Wilson’s
Barb Wurster  Bagby’s  Floyd’s  Jose Vazquez  Patterson’s
Jim Ingersoll  Laura Wigington  Bliley’s  Hensman’s  Milligan’s
Coy’s  Vic Ragon  Sara Anderson  Serafin’s  Ruth Jaynes
Pelech’s  Lynne Johnston  Mary Curry  Collin’s  Kathy Magyar
Nelson’s  Shane Carr  Paul Martanovic  Price’s  Noreen Carozza
Mildred Kahr  Cason’s  Hilfer’s  Cindy Frolich  
Ronny Charlton  Janette Atkins

On to the next one. . . .

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Almost There!

So after running about 10 miles in 2 hours last weekend I think I'm ready, or as ready as I'm going to be.

We leave for Vegas tomorrow, and the race is Sunday morning, so wish me luck. I just visited my Mom over Thanksgiving, and she's still in pain and struggling, so I have plenty of motivation to get me accross the finish.
Not only will I be running for my Mom, but I just found out my Grandma is not doing well at all, so I'll be thinking of her during my 13.1 too.

I'm hoping Lauren's Ipod does the trick to, as mine just died, (fine time right!) and I need my tunes!

I am planning on putting all of my doners names on my jersey, so I printed out a list. Oh, my good thing I'm wearing an XL. . . . Theres a lot of names! I guess it's times like this that I realize how many caring friends and family we've got.

I thank you all for your support, and I'll do my best!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Cool Runnings

So, now I understand why most marathon runners are from warmer climates. I've done two runs in the 30-40 degree range and it sucks. I am feeling pretty good getting more miles under me, and I don't feel nearly as sore as I used to, but this cold weather running is brutal.

I think I'll try every other run outside, since I doubt it will be 30 degrees in Las Vegas. I was just out there and it was 60+ in the morning and we're only 4 weeks away.

If there's anyone out there on the fence about donating, the deadline is fast approaching!

Thanks for all your support!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Get back to it!

Well, after 7+ days off due to my week long trade show, I am ready to get back to training. I need to do 4 miles tonight, which sounds daunting, but I am anxious to get back at it. Only 7 weeks left before the race, so it's now or never.

Please pass on my site link to anyone you think may be interested. I'm over half way to my goal!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New shoes

Wow, what a difference new shoes make!
I've always heard that it's all about the shoes, but I was never serious enough about running to pay for good running shoes. But we each got new Asics, and they are great! My feet and ankles aren't nearly as sore as before. I guess the right tool for the job is important!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Good Luck Akron Marathon Runners!
We'll be rooting for you this weekend!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall Hiking Spree

So, I'm excited to run tonight, since we missed our weekend run. And we just started the Summit County Metroparks' Fall Hiking Spree, so hopefully we'll choose a new trail tonight. It's Eris' favorite time of year for that reason.

It's a great organized trail hike that selects new trails every year, and after hiking 8 or more you earn a hiking shield. Lauren and I are going for our third this year. It's really cool that we can combine our training for the marathon with our hikes.

If you haven't seen the hiking spree check this out:

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sunday’s Team Run!

Jason and I attended our first team run on Sunday at the Brecksville Towpath. We love the area Metroparks and always enjoy seeing new ones! This was perfect for our 40 minute run…nice and flat! I think we both surprised ourselves by how much of the 40 minutes we were able to run, taking only a few quick walking breaks. We will be back on our training schedule this week…life finally seems to be back to normal after vacation! Hope everyone has a great, productive week!

One mile at a time,


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sore Bones

So, I know I'm getting old, but in case I forgot, this morning was a reminder. I ran/walked almost 5 miles yesterday trying to jump start back into my training after taking two weeks off. I felt great yesterday, but today is a different story. Just serves as a good reminder to slowly work up to it.

On a side note, the letter responses have been coming in. THANK YOU to all who have donated so far! It's your support that motivates us.

- Jason

Friday, August 20, 2010

RUN, Forrest…RUN!

Jason, Eris, and I went for a family jog on Wednesday along the Tallmadge bike path. Oh how I wish I had the stamina of my feisty, almost 9 year old doggie! She would trade us in as jogging partners for Forrest Gump in a second…

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Lauren’s Random Ramblings…

1. How on Earth is it already August 17th?! This summer has gone by fast! We have been so busy…baseball games, weddings, wedding showers, fun with friends…I’m glad it isn’t quite over yet!

2. Our mini-vacation to Ocean City is in 9 days!

3. I am looking forward to the Fundraising Seminar at the CCFA office on Thursday. I’ve never done anything like this and I am looking forward to the challenge.

4. We saw fireworks twice this past weekend. Don’t you just love fireworks?

5. I made my first batch of cake truffles for my dear friend’s baby shower in September…now if only the favor boxes I ordered a week and a half ago would show up! *Humph.*

6. I am slowly realizing how much I don’t know about running. I know I hated running in High School…that’s about it.

7. The man at FedEx is sorry they lost my package, but hopes I have a great day. You know what would make my day better? My package.

8. I think it is funny how my mysterious Facebook update has sparked many a conversation among my friends and family.

9. It is hard to come up with ten things to say today.

10. Thanks for visiting! Remember to donate!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

One mile at a time…

…is officially my motto for this new endeavor. I ran one mile last night at the gym on the treadmill! One mile…twelve more to go! I felt so accomplished after this one mile; I can’t wait to see how 13.1 will feel.

Jason and I are gearing up to officially launch our campaign. Putting in all this work is exciting…helping others while helping ourselves improve our fitness levels. Such a blessing…

One mile at a time,